1. High Lights of the Scheme: -
    • About the scheme

      A welfare scheme carefully designed to support IPS member families in much-needed situations. In its 50th year, the society is determined to bring awareness and ensure the prosthodontist and his or her family are supported at times required.

    • Purpose

      The very Purpose of this scheme is to help the member, financially, at the need of the hour arising off unable to continue his / her services in the circumstance happening due to incurable diseases and causality.

    • Benefits covered under this scheme:

      As stated, the following are covered under the scheme

      • Death of the member – 100% Covered.
      • Total disablement due to incurable diseases like Malignant Cancer, Terminal illness, etc. - 50% Covered and 50% at the time of Death.
      • Loss of extremities to an accident (Eg. Separation of hand, foot, etc…) – 25% Covered and 75% at the time of Death.
    • Who is eligible under the Scheme
      • He / She should be an active IPS Member throughout the scheme.
      • Any member who discontinues the Suraksha Membership, he/she cannot be eligible for the scheme at the moment of membership cancellation.
    • What is the Benefit that goes to the deceased member’s Nominee -Ref to S/No. 1.c
      1. The lump sum will be paid to the beneficiary / Nominee.
      2. This limit (a lump sum) will be fixed by the committee depending on the active members enrolled during and in course of the operation of the scheme. Hence, increasing the membership will be a great support to the beneficiary at the need of the hour.
  2. Enrollment & Claim Details
    • Eligibility Criteria Under the scheme

      Good Standing IPS Member both OL & ST, between the age group of 30 years to 70 years.

    • Identity Proof:

      This scheme is purely for IPS members only. The following Identity is essential to enroll in the scheme.

      • Member’s Aadaar Card,
      • Nominee’s Aadhar Card,
      • Nominee’s Cancelled Cheque
    • Who can be the nominee:
      • The Nominee of the member may be a Spouse / Son / Daughter or any like-minded people of the member.
      • Shall be specified by the Member at the time of enrollment
    • Can the Nominee be changed:

      Yes, It can be changed by the Suraksha member in the enrollment portal.

    • Proof of the Nominee:

      It should be his/her Aadaar card and his/her canceled cheque leaf

    • Document needed for the claim of benefit: *
      • The intimation given by the nominee is sufficient.
      • In case of death, the death certificate of the deceased member may be required for office records
      • In case of Disability or Incurable diseases specified as per scheme – Ref to S/No. 1.c.(ii & iii), a medical certificate attested by the hospital is required.
    • How the scheme will operate for the needy:

      On the intimation received from the Nominee of the member, the amount of the cheque will be handed over in person to the affected Nominee of the affected member by committee members within the duration of two weeks.

    • Scheme Fee:
      • Enrolment Fee
        1. Rs 3,000, between 30-40 yrs,
        2. Rs 5000, between 41-50 yrs,
        3. Rs 7000, between 51-60 yrs,
        4. Rs 8500, between 61-70 yrs.
        5. Enrolment fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
        6. Age will be calculated according to Aadhar ID produced
      • Casualty Fee & Reenrollment Fee
        1. Rs 1000, per casualty, to be paid within 30 days
        2. Late Fee Rs 100, per month
        3. Discontinued if not paid for more than 3 Months.
        4. if discontinued and to Re-Enroll a Fee of Rs 1000, per Casualty, and a Penalty Fee of Rs 100 per casualty per month accumulated from discontinuity till re-enrolment.
        5. Late fee per Casualty accumulated to date
        6. The Enrolment Fee is applicable at the time of re-enrollment.

Sample Calculation

An example is calculated @ 3 casualties per year, starting with 1000 registered members at the start and to a maximum of 3500 members enrolled. Also, the age of enrolment is a variable.